Hi, this is Lou Reid.

I would like to tell you about who I am.

I started out with a bluegrass band called the bluegrass buddies. Then on to a group called Southbound and recorded two records for Rebel Record label. Then one live in Switzerland at the Lenzburg castle.

Then, I help form a group called Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver on April 1, 1979. I helped record 3 records with that group before leaving to work with a bluegrass and country artist Ricky Skaggs. We were called "the Ricky Skaggs band". I started with the Ricky Skaggs Band on June first 1982. I was in the band for four years traveling 280 days a year and worked almost every major venue in the country and abroad. In 1984 I got a call from Mike Auldridge with interest in hiring me to work with the Seldom Scene. The Seldom Scene is a Washington DC based band I had been familiar with for years since they're beginning in 1971. 

After decision making for a couple of years I joined the Seldom Scene in June of 1986. I was there for almost six years. I left to form a group with my friend Terry Baucom who I had been in a band with Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. We formed Lou Reid, Terry Baucom and Carolina ( since we were both from North Carolina) on December 10, 1992. We were and band until about 1994 and I went on my own with Lou Reid and Carolina. That band would stay together until 2016. I would continue to work with the Seldom Scene and Lou Reid and Carolina for many year and when I disbanded Lou Reid and Carolina, I continued to work with the Seldom Scene and I'm currently with the band and have been for almost 30 years now.